Hockey players and massage therapy

Hockey and massage.....

Regular sport massage can help prevent muscle injuries, boost performance and extend the life of your hockey career – but how and why? Stretching – Massage can stretch bundles of muscle fibres lengthwise as well as sideways. Massage can also stretch the sheath of fascia that surrounds the muscle, thus releasing tension.

Increased tissue permeability – Deep massage causes muscle tissue membranes to open, enabling fluids to pass through. This helps remove lactic acid, which helps muscles recover quicker.

Improve tissue elasticity – Hard training can make tissue hard and inelastic. Massage helps reverse this by stretching the tissue.

Break down scar tissue – Scar tissue can affect muscle tendons and ligaments. This can lead to inflexible tissues that are prone to injury and pain. A therapist trained in sports massage will be able to assess the muscle length, pliability and strength of the “hockey muscles” and identify areas that need attention. Keeping muscles operating at their optimal length and strength not only improves performance, but can lead to an injury free season. Remember: Being proactive and including massage as part of your regular training can provide huge benefits when it comes to performance and preventing injury.

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Did you know that massage is a great way to reduce depression and anxiety?  Here are 25 other reasons to get a massage...


1  Relieve stress

2  Boost immunity

3  Reduce anxiety

4  Manage low-back pain

5  Help fibromyalgia pain

6  Reduce muscle tension

7  Enhance exercise performance

8  Relieve tension headaches

9  Sleep better

10  Ease symptoms of depression

11  Improve cardiovascular health

12  Reduce pain of osteoarthritis

13  Decrease stress in cancer patients

14  Improve balance in older adults

15  Decrease rheumatoid arthritis pain

16  Temper effects of dementia

17  Promote relaxation

18  Lower blood pressure

19  Decrease symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

20  Help chronic neck pain

21  Lower joint replacement pain

22  Increase range of motion

23  Decrease migraine frequency

24  Improve quality of life in hospice care

25  Reduce chemotherapy-related nausea

Massage is good medicine.